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What Our Patients Say

Below are just a few of our many success stories. Here is what these patients had to say about:

Low Back Pain

I came to Monson Chiropractic with a ruptured disc in my back. I was in severe pain, and within just a few visits to Dr. Smith I was almost completely pain free. After about eight visits I was pain free. He has helped me tremendously, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Joanne Picard, Wilbraham, MA

Every day for years my lower back would hurt me, especially first thing in the morning. Recently my back started getting sharp pains, and my legs began to give out. This started to happen more frequently which scared me. My wife had been seeing Dr. Smith, and he helped her. I was reluctant to make an appointment but felt something serious was going to happen to my back. I made the appointment, and let me tell you, my back felt better after two visits. I no longer have any pain, and in the morning my back feels great! I recommend Dr. Smith to any one who suffers from back pain. Don't be like I was and live with pain for years.

Ernie Picard, Wilbraham, MA
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Behavior Problems

Our journey started when our son was three. We thought his aggression, not sleeping well, and picky eating were typical as we had just had another child. Several more years went by and things were getting worse. He had frequent ear infections, antibiotics that didn't work, colds, etc.

We went to a psychologist who saw our son in his office and in our home. He felt our son was normal and needed some better parenting from us - more limits. Another year went by, and he continued to be more aggressive toward his brother and broke many things in our home. What was very difficult was that he would not let us touch him. Can you imagine what that feels like not to be able to touch a child that is in so much pain, to not see him smile when you look at him, and to see him always be angry and have a long face? He hated school, and he tried to hurt himself and tell us that he wished he were dead. We were petrified.

My husband and I began to fight over the way that we parented or the way that we did not parent. We found that if we jumped right on our son we could control his behavior better. People who loved us began to make comments about how we were so strict with him and not with our other son. We fought more. We went to a marriage counselor to try to save our marriage and figure out what to do with him. We began to question what we were doing.

My husband agreed to let me take him to a homeopathic psychiatrist as a last resort. We saw improvement from the remedies with less aggression and less moodiness. Our days were still ruled by his moods, waiting in the morning to see what mood he would wake up in. We did not like to spend time with him. Our days were full of discipline and time-outs. It was still a daily roller coaster. His psychiatrist was talking to us about a possible mood disorder, and that was really scary. We were willing to try anything but medications.

I began to question whether he was hypoglycemic. I was searching for some other cause. His moods seemed to correlate with sleep and hunger. I had just started to see Dr. Richard Smith as a chiropractor for myself. I saw that he had an expertise in nutrition. We talked about hypoglycemia, and he suggested that he go on a hypo-allergenic diet to rule out food allergies. At the same time Dr. Smith did some tests on Jordan's body and determined that he had a yeast infection. I looked at the supplements that our son would have to take and said, "What the heck, I have put him through worse than this." We decided to go on this adventure, and within two days we began to see dramatic changes in his behavior. It has been a month now, and I live with the most wonderful kid I know. No more yelling at me when I ask him to brush his teeth, comb his hair or put on a jacket. He plays with his brother for hours. His brother is very happy as he loves his older brother so much. The whole family is calmer. Best of all is that he cuddled beside me last night on the couch and told me he was very happy and that he loved me very much.

B.B., Monson, MA
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Neck Pain

Over several years I had increasing pain in my neck. The range of motion was cut almost in half. I started with Dr. Smith in September of 1996. Since then, there has been a steady increase in range of motion and a steady decrease in pain. Now the range of motion for my neck is normal, and I have to really try to find a position where there is pain. It is almost like a miracle.

Jane Alois, Monson, MA

When I came to Dr. Smith I had a very painful neck. Dr. Smith has helped me so much. I no longer have constant pain. Everything really worked well for me, and I am very happy my wife insisted on my coming here for treatment.

Robert Gougeon, Chicopee, MA
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Weight Loss

I've been on Dr. Smith's weight loss program for eight weeks and have lost twelve pounds. My biggest problem, beforehand, was always being hungry and never satisfied. Since I've changed my daily diet I have fewer cravings and at times don't eat enough. I'm exercising more and have much more energy.

Jamie Chaffee, Monson, MA
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For over a year I experienced headaches like clockwork. Every day in the late afternoon I would begin to feel a deep ache in both temples, sometimes stronger on one side or the other. By mid evening concentration was near impossible. I attributed the pain to simple stress, and thought I'd have to just live with it. I first visited Dr. Smith in January. He quickly diagnosed the problem, and correction has virtually eliminated the pain!

Tim Lavoie, Wilbraham, MA
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Digestive Problems

I came to see Dr. Smith after suffering with acid reflux disease, panic and anxiety disorders, and irritable bowel syndrome. Dr. Smith was instrumental in correcting all of theses problems. (Previously, it seemed as if I would never be well.) I had been seeing another doctor for over a year who offered me little relief. Through a comprehensive program which included detoxification of my digestive tract, daily meditations and a nutritional diet that works, Dr. Smith has helped me achieve a high level of wellness I have not enjoyed for over a year.

Karen Nothe, Monson, MA
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Auto Injuries

I was in a car accident and had some injuries as a result. My mother referred me to Dr. Smith, and he has helped me tremendously. Beforehand, I had continuous pain in my back, neck, and head, and over time my pain kept decreasing until I was back to normal."

Nicole Doel, Springfield, MA
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Work Injuries

I had injured my back at work and my boss referred me to Dr. Smith for help. After the initial visit and my knowledge of what had happened to my back, I knew he was going to help. After each visit I felt better, and it was continuing to get better. The exercises that were prescribed helped out even more. I can't believe how much of a difference a small alignment of the spine can make you feel so much better. All I know is that any doubt I ever had about chiropractic care is gone.

Rob Mitus, East Longmeadow, MA
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I came to see Dr. Smith because of post-nasal drip and congestion. He gave me a diet to follow and some supplements to take. Over the next three months I noticed my skin and hair improved. My energy level increased and the post-nasal drip and congestion disappeared. During this time I also lost some weight and my knees felt better. My concentration has also improved.

Roseann Antaya, Ludlow, MA
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When I first came to Dr. Smith, I had great pain in my neck and shoulder muscles, and was suffering from perpetual tiredness. Dr. Smith correctly diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome after x-rays and blood tests. After a number of sessions and nutritional counseling, I am now able to function normally. Compared to my overall misery and weakness, this is nothing short of amazing to me!

Bonnie Kerness, Elizabeth, NJ

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