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Meet the staff at Triune Wellness Center!
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Dr.Richard Smith

Hello! I'm Dr. Richard Smith

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Hi! My name is Debbie

I have the privilege of welcoming you to our office and answering your questions. My biggest responsibility is taking care of the details for the doctor so he can do what he does best-take care of you! In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano, hiking, baking, and playing Volleyball.


Hi! My name is Deb

I am a receptionist here at Triune Wellness. I am an organic foods advocate, herbalist and master gardener. I enjoy helping people make more healthful choices in their lives and like to pass along knowledge that people can bring home to their families and friends. And I am a very proud grandmother of three beautiful girls and one amazing boy!


Hi! My name is Carol

I enjoy my job and meeting all of you as receptionist at Triune Wellness. Since joining the staff at Triune Wellness, I have learned a lot about staying healthy and have fun at the fitness class in the Triune gym. Some of my favorite things are gardening and horseback riding.


Hi! My name is Judy

Usually you will see me behind the desk on Fridays and I am part of the support team here at Triune Wellness. I love meeting and getting to know everyone that comes in the door. I am semi-retired and work in the nutrition field and am also interested in art, music, chickens, food, and gardening.


Hi! My name is Kari

Bio Pending!

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